Mission #6 – Feb 6, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

06-WIFHAs you begin the day, consider someone you’d like to be if you weren’t you. Is this someone close to you? A hero? A historical figure? Imagine being this person for a day or longer. What are the qualities or circumstances that draw you to this person? What is the first thing you’d do as this person? In contemplating this, does anything surprise you about the experience? How does it feel?

Next, imagine seeing a global situation from the perspective of someone of a different faith. To do this, you may need to slow yourself down, especially if you find yourself worked up about the situation. That unto itself, slowing down, is an act of kindness to yourself.

As your day unfolds, choose someone to tell about this experience. Bring them in and share your thoughts about it while soliciting their thoughts. What new insights do you have? Are you drawn to completing a specific act of compassion? If so, do it.

Be sure to return to the Compassion Map to share your experience with this mission. If you are “playing” as an individual, your team name is “Individual.” Otherwise, adding your Secret Mission report to your team’s efforts will help your team be the most compassionate (until proven otherwise!).

Learn more about World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Good luck and game on!