Mission #1 – Apr 14, 2019


Today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to connect with nature in a place that is meaningful to you and imagine what it will look like in 1000 years.

Connect with nature.
Connect with nature.
Connect with nature.

Go for a walk.
Choose a place that is meaningful to you:
– a forest trail,
– a garden,
– the beach,
– your backyard…

Settle into the moment,
feel the vibrancy of life
in and all around you.

What might this place might be like in one thousand years?
What wonders and peacefulness might someone like you enjoy?

Connect with nature.
Invite a friend, if you prefer.

To help spread the goodwill generated by completing this mission, please report your activity on the Compassion Map. Doing so will help solidify in your mind what you’ve done while creating a legacy of our collective activity that will be there to inspire others.

Artwork for these missions is by Theresa Foster.