Mission #10 – Sept 20, 2014

Mission10-2014Good Morning Agents!

Reports coming in to IKT HQ indicate that our efforts are working! Our super-structure for spreading compassion is taking form and spreading around the planet.

However, intelligence indicates that there may be a practice which is inhibiting the full potential of our antidote. We have learned that many of us take for granted those places most familiar to us. Such practice, compounded by time, can cause what our IKT scientists refer to as “neighborhood blind spots.”

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to engage in an act that honors what you consider to be your neighborhood. Is your act for a person, a group, a particular age? Is it for another species? Is it for the environment? Or is it for some combination?

Try to not plan your action in your mind but let it appear to you while in your neighborhood. Be open to it. Let it find you. Consider the act as having its own integrity and your job is to honor that integrity.

Should your actions or those of any of the International Kindness Team be exposed, it will increase the positive ripple effect of creating more kindness in the world. Thus, we at IKT HQ request that you report your activities on the Compassion Map.

Good luck, agents.