Mission #2 – Sept 12, 2015

02Good Morning Ambassadors of Compassion!

Yesterday I directed you to identify a power source that provides you with compassionate energy and then to be a conduit of that energy, passing it from your identified external source through you and on to another. As we begin our promotional work of compassion today, ambassadors, please consider this concept in more detail.

A power plant draws energy from a fuel source, in the process producing heat. This heat converts water to steam that turns a turbine and generates electricity. In identifying your external power or fuel source yesterday, you put this equation into practice. Today’s mission, if you choose to accept it, is to do it again, but this time by fueling your compassionate energy from a different external source.

01s-AGENT14-fishIf you used a person as your power source yesterday, try a different kind of source, like an inspirational book or movie, or a physical act like meditation. If you didn’t use a person as a source of your compassionate energy, do so today. In either case, find an external source that inspires you, become inspired by it today, and then transmit that inspiration, that positive energy, into an act of care, concern, warmth, or love. This can be to a person, to another species, to the planet or in any other way that resonates with you.

As I will remind you each day, should your actions or those of any of the Ambassadors of Compassion be exposed, it will increase the positive ripple effect and create more awareness of love in the world. As such, we at IKT HQ sincerely request that you report your activities on the Compassion Map.

Good luck, ambassadors. We are counting on you.

(For those of you working with children, begin by having them talk about the acts of kindness they performed yesterday. See if you can help them put into words how these power sources, these important people in their lives, inspired their kind acts. Ideally, this sharing with other children will give them ideas for acts of kindness they can perform today, and give you the opportunity to show how they, the children, are now acting as power sources of compassion for each other.)