Mission #3 – Feb 3, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

03-WIFHMost of us are vulnerable to a tendency that can undermine efforts at spreading compassion. This tendency is to stay within groups of people who think the same way we do. Today’s mission is to have you step away from this tendency.

Please have a conversation with someone who has a different faith belief system than you have. To do this effectively, you need to first identify your faith belief system and then take the time to seek out someone from another faith. In your conversation, please:

    – let go of judgments about yourself, your companion, and the different beliefs being shared
    – focus on what your companion is saying, not on what you might say next
    – listen without interrupting
    – ask questions to clarify your understanding

Be sure to return to the Compassion Map to share your experience with this mission. If you are “playing” as an individual, your team name is “Individual.” Otherwise, adding your Secret Mission report to your team’s efforts will help your team be the most compassionate (until proven otherwise!).

Learn more about World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Good luck and game on!