Mission #4 – Apr 17, 2019


A great challenge of humanity is to mimic the plant world and utilize the ever-flowing free, clean energy of the sun to power our lives. As such, agents, your mission today is to consider and begin implementing ways you can conserve energy in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while we transition to clean and renewable energy.

Energy comes from the Sun.
Plants absorb this energy.
Animals, like us, depend on plants.
to access this energy in order to live.

Our electronics,
our lights,
our heat,
our cars,
our entire way of life
requires the energy of the sun to power them.

Coal, natural gas, and fossil fuel oil
are crude forms of the Sun’s energy.

Save energy as we transition to renewable resources.

To help spread the goodwill generated by completing this mission, please report your activity on the Compassion Map. Doing so will help solidify in your mind what you’ve done while creating a legacy of our collective activity that will be there to inspire others.

Artwork for these missions is by Theresa Foster.