Mission #8 – Sept 15, 2018

Welcome to Day 8!

Today’s mission may sound simple at first glance. To get the most from it, though, please engage in it when you can give it the attention it deserves — mindfully and with an open heart.

Begin by making a written list of 5 or so material possessions you've acquired over the years. This can really be anything as long as you still have it and that it holds some kind of value for you (this isn't necessarily monetary value, but it can be). Pay special attention to those items you've had for a long time.

Next, review your list. Jot down where and when you got it. If it was a gift, who gave it to you? What kind of feelings does it evoke in you today? Where does its value come from?

Now think about what you'd like to have done with at least one of these items when you can no longer use it. The simplest way to do this is to decide who you'd like to inherit this item after you have died.

Having done that, take steps today to give your item to your person of choice. Do so in a way that honors the significance of the gift, be it over dinner or in some private manner. Tell the story of how you acquired the item.

At the root of this mission is to practice generosity, especially when we are giving up something that is important to us.

Remember, we want you to help spread the goodwill generated by completing the missions by reporting your activity on the Compassion Map.

Thank you for your vital contributions to worldwide positivity!