Mission #3 – Apr 16, 2019


To love our family and friends is to wish for them to have the vital things that make life possible and worthwhile. Today’s mission, agents, is to love food by preparing a healthy and nourishing meal for and/or with those you love. Think about where your ingredients are coming from, and make an effort to select from the most local and sustainable options if you are able to.

To grow, to have strength,
living beings require good, healthy food.
Our bond to the living world around us,
is honored by the act of eating.

From the generous bounty of the Earth,
nourishment grows abundantly.
When we take this bounty into ourselves,
it becomes our very bodies.

Come together around a meal.
Have a discussion about your food.
Connect to your loved ones, to the world around you.

Love food.
Share a meal.

To help spread the goodwill generated by completing this mission, please report your activity on the Compassion Map. Doing so will help solidify in your mind what you’ve done while creating a legacy of our collective activity that will be there to inspire others.

Artwork for these missions is by Theresa Foster.